Günzel Drilling owns seven diamond core rigs, complemented by a range of support vehicles, suitable down-hole equipment, geotechnical equipment and survey instruments. All equipment is acquired and maintained to accommodate the client’s unique project requirements within the exploration, mining and construction environment.

Our deliberate assortment of rig and vehicle types allows us to be well set up for drilling projects in most terrains and drilling conditions. Track mounted or portable rigs permit for drilling operations in rugged and mountainous terrain, while our high production rigs are suitable for larger projects and projects requiring drilling of deep to very deep holes.

Rig Safety

  • Emergency stop switch
  • Multi lever action actuation to prevent accidental trigger
  • Magnetic interlocks to rod guards
  • Non removable foot clamps
  • Covers of moving and hot parts
  • Lock out facility
  • R clips securing pins

Our Rigs

  • Atlas Copco and internal design
  • 1,200m depth capacity
  • Size A - P
  • Rigs for rugged/ inaccessible terrain
  • Track-mounted
  • Trailer-mounted
  • Self-levelling
SHEQ Management System

Management System

  • Integrated Management System
  • MS according to ISO9001 and ISO18001
  • Active SHE Committee
  • Critical Incident Reporting
  • 50% of crew Class A First Aiders
  • Regular Toolbox Talks
  • Occupational Health Monitoring

Support Equipment

  • Reflex Ez Track
  • Core Cutter
  • 4x4 Trucks
  • Transport Truck
  • Pick-ups & staff transport vehicles
  • 4x4 Tractor



Swakopmund, Namibia
Mobile: +264 81 122 8615
E-mail: guenzel@guenzeldrilling.com