Günzel Drilling is a leading Namibian core drilling contractor specialising in most methods of diamond core drilling, operative in southern Africa and Gabon. We pride ourselves in providing a service of international standards in consideration of the geological characteristics of the formation, project timelines and operational environment, including exploration drilling, mining development and geotechnical work.

Our experience and equipment allows Günzel Drilling to deliver core drilling services in various terrains, biomes and locations. Strictest core quality standards are maintained at all times with meticulous accounting of core gain and loss offering the geologist a reliable basis for sample evaluation.

Günzel Drilling recently added blast hole drilling to its set of skills and services.



Key to our success is the experience developed through drilling various types of formations

Alaskites | Granites | Albitized Shists | Carbonatites | Iron Ore | Clay | Gypsum | Coal and Gas in Karoo Shales | Conglomerates | Dolorites | Gneiss | Dolostone | Kalahari Sands | Limestone | Magnetite | Marble | Pegmatite | Quartzite | Schists | Various Carbonates



Our deliberate assortment of rigs and vehicles facilitates drilling in level as well as in rugged and mountainous terrain

Alluvial Plains | Bushland | Equatorial Rain Forest | Grassland | Gravel Plains | Kalahari Desert | Mining Pits | Mountain Slopes and Peaks | River Beds | Rock Desert | Rocky Plateaus | Salt Plains | Sand Dunes | Savannah | Underground Mines | Vlei-lande



Staff and operational procedures are sensitised to concerns and expectations of project stakeholders, facilitating a harmonious setting for prospecting.

Commercial Farm Land | Nature Reserves | Communal Farm Land | Conservancies | Construction Sites | Mining Claims | Mining Pits | National Parks | Public Land | Underground Mines

Services Offered

  • Surface Core Drilling
  • Underground Core Drilling
  • Geotechnical Core Drilling
  • Core Orientation
  • Down-Hole Surveys
  • Core Cutting
  • Open Pit Blast Hole Drilling



Swakopmund, Namibia
Mobile: +264 81 122 8615
E-mail: guenzel@guenzeldrilling.com