Günzel Drilling is committed to provide quality core drilling services of international standards without risk to the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the general public while minimising harm to the environment. In support of this commitment, Günzel Drilling maintains a fully integrated management system with occupational health and safety, environmental responsibility and operational quality the leading threads of company policies and procedures.

Günzel Drilling embraces the view that, in order for our management system to be effective, awareness and acceptance of health and safety, environmental respect and operational quality may not be limited to the drill platform. Rather, our system is designed to reach beyond drilling operations into our everyday activities so that safe working behaviour and a healthy lifestyle become second nature.

Maintaining and continuously improving our management system requires methodical training and education. For this a number of vehicles are adopted:

Management System

Training days allow for structured training and staff education. Such days are particularly useful to strengthen adherence to company policies and procedures.

Regular toolbox talks are an invaluable platform to discuss any topic relevant to maintain and develop the SHEQ principles of our management system

Often it is the brief informal chat next to the rig about any topic concerning health, safety, the environment, operational quality or life choices in general that has the greatest influence on the acceptance of the management system.

We have found our approach to quality, health, safety and the environment is more readily accepted if a sincere effort is made to continuously explain the reasons and benefits of a policy or procedure and by pointing out the consequences of non-adherence to the employee, the environment and the company.

Audits are an essential method to take stock of the state and effectiveness of our integrated management system.


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