For Diamond Drilling in Namibia

Günzel Drilling is proficient in surface as well as underground drilling within the exploration, mining development and construction environment. Our experience allows Günzel Drilling to suitably approach, manage and complete in time every drilling project given its unique geology, location and socio-economic circumstances. While Günzel Drilling does not shy away from smaller projects, the company has the equipment and organisational capacity to also run large drilling projects.With more than a decade of experience in diamond drilling in Africa.

The company has extensive experience in coring various formations, ranging from pegmatite and uranium hosting granite to albitized shist; gypsum in semi consolidated crusts; and coal and gas in Karroo shales.

We are a family owned enterprise and operations are directly supervised by the owners to ensure highest standards in terms of core quality, safety and environmental procedures.


  • Surface Drilling
  • Underground Drilling
  • SPT
  • HQ3
  • Core Orientation
  • Down Hole Surveys


  • Tropical
  • Subtropical
  • Semi-Arid
  • Arid

Terrain and Areas

  • Commercial and Communal Land
  • National Reserves
  • Mountainous and Level Terrain
  • Rainforest and Jungle
  • Savannah and Bush Land
  • Desert

What we do

  • Surface Core Drilling
  • Underground Core Drilling
  • Geotechnical Core Drilling
  • Core Orientation
  • Down-Hole Surveys
  • Core Cutting
  • Open Pit Blast Hole Drilling


Swakopmund, Namibia
Mobile: +264 81 122 8615